Shift Management



Dependent on quality and volume


Management Fee


Tenant Placement


Lease Renewal

We accompany the city inspection and make any repairs necessary. A $100 facilitation fee is charged.

Detailed accounting of every dime, simple to understand.

We process payouts on the 10th of each month, and if rent is received later than that we’re happy to issue a disbursement any time at your request.

If a tenant SHIFT places does not fulfill their lease term, the next tenant placement fee is waived.

We operate on a systemic timeline for all legalities of the eviction process. No additional cost besides attorney fees & court costs. We also offer an optional Eviction Shield program ($15/mo) which insulates you from any legal expense in the case of eviction.

From routine maintenance requests to full renovations, we take this time-consuming aspect off your plate.

After-hours calls are answered by a real human every time, and we troubleshoot requests to determine if it’s truly an emergency or something that can wait until normal business hours.

Inspections serve the best purpose when strategically timed. We offer 4-month post move-in inspections (giving an opportunity to rectify any concerns quickly and clarify expectations moving forward), and pre-renewal inspections (determining if we want to offer a renewal, and helping set the new rate). Inspections are optional and cost $125/ea.

You’ll receive a 1099 MISC form showing total rents collected, as well as an itemized Schedule E making taxes a breeze.