Welcome to Shift Property Management
    Do you remember that one company or representative who made you say to yourself “WOW! That was way easier, smoother, better than I expected!”? We are that company, and we have those representatives.
    Shift Property Management was formed to provide quality management, without all the extra fees and up-charges that have riddled this industry. Our purpose is to enhance our client’s investment, not nickel and dime every toilet that clogs.

    “Excellent people! The people of Shift Property Management have been kind and patient with us through out this whole experience. They have answered any questions we had, resolved any problems quickly, and have made paying rent, renewing leases, or any other assorted paper user friendly and fast. I have been renting this property for a year and half and have been beyond pleased. This is the most professional management company that I have ever worked with. I am impressed! Thanks for everything guys!”

    Alice Hayward

      Grand Rapids Property Management by Shift Property Management

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